Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Year End Sales

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2010 Year End Sales......
20% discount
10-Dec-2010 till 3-Jan-2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Momiji Cloth Pad review from Cloth Diaper Malaysia

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I would like to Thanks Lovely Farhana from Cloth Diaper Malaysia for the nice review for MOMIJI CLOTH PAD.

Thank you Cloth Diaper Malaysia

Friday, May 21, 2010

Manik On Batik

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Sangat excited bila dapat order ni..1st time dapat buat beadwork untuk baju lelaki..batik pla took me 2 hari untuk siapkan..kena sengkang mata laa...hehehe :) ...Anyway,ini la hasilnyaa....

Friday, April 9, 2010

MOMIJI Natural® Product

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MOMIJI natural (R) has 4 sizes - Small / Medium / Large / Night.

You can find your best MOMIJI natural (R).

• Small

For Light Flow Period

- Suitable for wearing at your school or office

- All-in-one shape and easy to carry by folding

- High absorbent power with the inside layers and special leak-proof lining

- Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface

- Can be used as a liner too

Size: W17 x H21cm

Color: Red / Pink / Petit Flowers

Available in 02 Pads Pack

Materials: 100% cotton fabric & absorbent layers

PU coated polyester waterproof

Led-free buttons *Single button

• Medium

For Normal Flow Period

- Suitable for wearing at your school or office

- All-in-one shape and easy to carry by folding

- High absorbent power with the inside layers and

special leak-proof lining

- Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface

- Adjustable crotch size with double buttons

Size: W20.5 x H23.5cm

Color: Red / Pink / Petit Flowers

Available in 02 Pads Pack / 04 Pads Pack

Materials: 100% cotton fabric & absorbent layers

PU coated polyester waterproof

Led-free buttons *Double buttons

• Large

For Heavy Flow Period

- Suitable for wearing at your school or office

- All-in-one shape and easy to carry by folding

- High absorbent power with the inside layers and special leak-proof lining

- Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface

- Lead-free buttons

Size: W22.5 x H27cm

Color: Red / Pink / Petit Flowers

Available in 02 Pads Pack

Materials: 100% cotton fabric & absorbent layers

PU coated polyester waterproof

Led-free buttons *Double buttons

• Night

For Night time

- Suitable for wearing at sleeping time

- Wide and long pad can cover your hips and

separated wings can protect you from side leak

- High absorbent power with the inside layers and

special leak-proof lining

- Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface

- Adjustable crotch size with double buttons

Size: W17 x H32.5cm

Color: Red / Pink / Petit Flowers

Available in 01 Pad Pack

Materials: 100% cotton fabric & absorbent layers

PU coated polyester waterproof

Led-free buttons *Double buttons

MOMIJI One Zipper Purse

- Easy to carry your folded MOMIJI natural(R) Small / Medium/ Large pads compactly

- Can keep fresh & used pads separately in two chambers

- Safety waterproof lining inside

- With an outside pocket

Folded Size: W16 x H12.5cm

Color: Red Flowers

Materials: 100% printed cotton fabric

Rubber-coated polyester waterproof

YKK or same quality metal zipper

Brand New Patterns

We’ve now released brand-new patterns -

new standard “Petit Flowers” & limited patterns of Spring 2010 “Purple Flowers”.

Each pattern is available in Small /Medium / Large / Night.

  • Small 2 pads pack - RM37
  • Medium 2 pads pack - RM40
  • Medium 4 pads pack - RM78
  • Large 2 pads pack - RM50
  • Night 1 pad pack - RM35
  • One zipper purse - RM32

Available Color:

Red, Pink, Petit Flower and Purple Flower


Wholesaler and Retailer

FAQ on MOMIJI natural®

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Frequently Asked Questions on MOMIJI natural®

-What is the difference between MOMIJI natural® and other disposable pads?

MOMIJI natural (R) is a washable and reusable menstrual pad specially made of 100% cotton fabric. So you can use MOMIJI natural® many times by washing, and you don't have to throw or destroy your pads after every use. The material of the surface of MOMIJI natural (R) is 100% cotton flannel, so it can avoid your body being cold, and make you always comfortable. These are the differences from other disposable pads however, MOMIJI natural (R) is convenient as same as them, because it has high absorbent power and portability even after use.

-Does MOMIJI natural® cause skin troubles or bad smell as the disposable pads?

MOMIJI natural (R) has no polythene sheet, so the humidity can evaporate from the pad nicely and it can avoid the skin troubles and bad smell, and make you always comfortable.

-How is MOMIJI natural® highly absorbent?

MOMIJI natural (R) has a special inside core with several layers specially made of 100% cotton fabric, and the surface is also made of 100% cotton flannel, so it can absorb your blood immediately and keep it nicely. That's why you can feel always safe and fresh with MOMIJI natural (R).

-How many pads do I need a day ? / How often should I change the pad?

It depends on each woman, so we recommend you to try MOMIJI natural (R) at home first. You can get the number of pads you need and correct timing for changing them too.

-Should I buy MOMIJI natural® every month?

No, since MOMIJI natural (R) is washable and reusable, you don’t need to buy them every month.

-How cheap is using MOMIJI natural®?

Using MOMIJI natural (R) is about ten times cheaper than using disposable pads. You can save 90% of money you spend on the disposable pads per month.

-How is MOMIJI natural® body friendly?

Because MOMIJI natural (R) is made of 100% cotton fabric. It has no bad effects on your body and it can avoid the humidity keeping in pad and will not cause any skin troubles. Moreover, it makes your blood flow naturally as it should be.

-How is MOMIJI natural® environment friendly?

MOMIJI natural (R) is highly degradable because it is made of 100% cotton fabric. More importantly, since it is washable and reusable, you don’t need to throw or destroy them causing environment pollution.

-How should I do after changing MOMIJI natural®?

When you change MOMIJI natural (R) to fresh one, you can fold the used pad and keep it compactly. Then you can soak and / or wash them later.

-How long does MOMIJI natural® last?

MOMIJI natural (R) lasts more than 3-5 years by normal use. You can comfortably use them over and over again by washing after every use. The more you use and wash it, the more it will fit your body. When the surface is damaged or you feel absorbency reduction, it’s the time to renew your pads.

-Are there any other variations on the colors & patterns?

Yes, we release new colors and patterns regularly. We will update the information on the products page when we release brand-new products.

How to Use MOMIJI natural®

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For every woman,MOMIJI natural (R) is very easy to wear, of course for cloth pad beginners too!

Before First Use

- Wash new pad separately a few times and sun-dry before first use.

How to Use

- Place label-side of the pad down on inside of panty bottom and align lengthwise along it.

- Fold wings towards outside of panty bottom to meet each other. - Fasten buttons together.

We recommend you to try new pad at home first,then you can get the correct timing of changing it suitable for your flow.

After Use

- Fold the used pads as in the illustrations.

- You can keep them in waterproof purse or zipper bag until you can soak and/or wash them

If the used pad is left as it is for a long time, the blood get dried and it would be difficult to remove the stain totally. So we recommend you to put some water on the surface of the pad when you change it, fold and keep it in the purse or waterproof bag. It will help you to wash the pads more easily after going back home. …………………………………………………………………………………..

Easy Way to Wash MOMIJI natural®

Find Basic and easy washing instructions below:

- Soak used pads in water and squeeze excess water from the pads. Washing directly after use is also possible. Wash pads by hand with soap or machine with other clothes and get dried by sunshine.

- If you have difficulty in washing pads immediately after use, soak pads in lukewarm water until the next laundry. Putting soap or detergent into the soaking water will also help it. The water in the container should be changed once a day.

Sunshine can prevent bacteria growing and has disinfection effect. We highly recommend line dry by sunshine than using the dryer. …………………………………………………………………………………..


- The blood coagulates in higher temperature than our body, so don’t use hot water.

- Don’t use softener, as the surface will be coated and will not absorb properly.

- Line dry is recommended for maintaining non-leakage effect. Don’t use iron and dryer.

About MOMIJI natural®

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What is MOMIJI natural®?

MOMIJI Natural (R) is a washable and reusable menstrual pad

specially made of 100% cotton fabric.

Its high absorbent power and special leak-proof lining

make you safer and more convenient.

It can be folded into small,

so it’s very easy to carry in your handbag and

change it at your school or office.

How is MOMIJI Natural® so good?

- It makes your blood flow naturally as it should be.

- It causes no health problems.

- It’s body & environment friendly.

- It’s cute, soft and comfortable.

- By washing at every periods,it will fit your body more & more like your favorite clothes.

Why is MOMIJI Natural® popular in many countries?

- It makes you feel secure of allergy and other side- effects on your body.

- MOMIJI Natural(R) lasts for 5-6 years and

it saves a large amount of money.

- No need to keep in mind whether your pads are

out of stock or not.

MOMIJI natural (R) never leaves you.

- Since it can be nicely folded with buttons fastened,

it's handy to carry even after use.

- You can buy it to suit your body size and flow level.

So, Use MOMIJI natural® and be proud of

- Not contributing to environmental pollution.

- Saving money.

- Using something natural and healthy.

- Feeling safe and fresh.

Tuala Wanita Pakai Buang Penyebab Pelbagai Penyakit

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Salam Semua,

Jom kenali cara tuala wanita diproses :

Tuala wanita diperbuat daripada serbuk pulpa kayu yang dilembutkan dan diputihkan melalui proses pelunturan dengan bahan peluntur berklorin yang menghasilkan bahan kimia iaitu dioksin.

Apabila telah lembut, lapisan inilah yang dijadikan tuala wanita pakai buang dan digunakan oleh wanita diseluruh dunia pada tahun 1970.

Bagaimana Dioksin Meresap keDalam Rahim?

Darah haid yang mengalir keluar akan memasuki tuala wanita melalui permukaan jaringan atau kain bukan kapas.

Gas toksid yang dibebaskan akan terus berhubung dengan kulit dan akhirnya menyebabkan jangkitan.

Sekiranya tuala wanita tersebut menggunakan kain kapas semulajadi, ia akan menyerap segala gas bertoksik.

Ia akan mengelakkan masalah jangkitan, ruam, gatal atau alahan.

Darah haid akan mengalir keluar dari uterus dan diserap oleh tuala wanita. sejenis gas bertoksik yang dinamakan dioksin akan terbebas melalui proses pemeluapan.

Dioksin akan diserap kedalam rahim melalui saluran uterus dan akhirnya sampai di ovari melalui tiup fallopio.

tuala wanita ni diproces daripada serbuk kayu, ianya boleh membahayakan kesihatan utk jangka masa yg panjang dan antara penyebab penyakit seperti kanser rahim & payudara...

Kenapa Gunakan Lampin Kain??

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Terdapat banyak perbincangan tentang kenapa perlu kita gunakan lampin kain dan berhenti menggunakan lampin pakai buang. Pada masa ini, terdapat banyak artikel di internet tentang isu ini, berikut dihuraikan serba sedikit kenapa kita perlu memilih menggunakan lampin kain. Tapi, fikirkanlah... adakah anda mahu memakai kertas dan plastik, atau memakai kain kapas yang lembut?

Isu Kesihatan

Lampin Pakai Buang mengandungi bahan kimia sintetik di dalamnya.


  • Dioxin - bahan yan terhasil dari proses pelunturan. Kertas yang digunakan bagi menghasilkan lampin pakai buang perlu dilunturkan supaya nampak putih dan bersih. Dioksin merupakan toksin bersifat karsinogen (menyebabkan kanser) Penggunaannya telah dilarang dibanyak negara, tetapi tidak termasuk USA.

  • Sodium polyacrylate - Bahan ini dimasukkan ke dalam lampin pakai buang untuk membuatnya menyerap dengan banyak. Ia akan bertukar kepada gel apabila basah. Ia boleh menyebabkan kulit bayi menjadi kemerah0merahan sekiranya lampin lambat ditukar. Dalam kes alahan kronik, ia boleh menyebabkan muntah-muntah, demam serta jangkitan kuman. Gel ini tidak lagi digunakan dalam pembuatan tampon wanita sejak 1995 kerana dikaitkan dengan Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • TRIBUTYL TIN (TBT) - Di label sebagai environmental pollutant dan sangat toksik. Ia boleh menganggu sistem hormon dan imunisasi badan.
  • Kes ruam lampin yang kian meningkat - Menurut Journal of Pediatrics, 54% dari bayi berumur 1 bulan yang menggunakan lampin pakai buang mendapat ruam lampin. Kajian perubatan lain pula telah mendapati bahawa kes ruam lampin telah meningkat dari 7% ke 78% dari tahun 1955 ke 1991. Ini dikatakan selari dengan peningkatan penggunaan lampin pakai buang. Sebab-sebab yang ruam lampin adalah alahan, kekurangan pengudaraan di dalam lampin, kepanasan, dan bayi tidak ditukar lampinnya dengan kerap kerana bayi tidak merasai kebasahan sebagaimana memakai lampin kain. Ia adalah bahaya kerana membiarkan bayi memakai lampin yang sama sehingga berjam-jam akan menyebabkan bakteria bertindakbalas dengan ammonia dalam air kencing, dan menyebabkan ruam lampin.
  • Lampin Pakai Buang juga dikaitkan dengan Asma (lelah).
Satu kajian yang dijalankan di Jerman pada tahun 2000 telah mendapati bahawa lampin pakai buang menaikkan suhu sekitar skrotum dan boleh menjadi punca rosaknya mekanisma penyejukan yang semulajadi. Ia boleh memberi kesan kepada kesuburan pada masa akan datang.

Isu Alam Sekitar

Lebih dari 27 juta lampin pakai buang sampai ke tempat longgokan sampah di serata dunia.

Sehelai lampin pakai buang mengambil masa sehingga 500 tahun untuk mereput dengan sendirinya.

Di rumah yang mempunyai anak kecil, lampin pakai buang menyumbang 50% dari keseluruhan sampah yang dikeluarkan dari rumah itu.

Lampin pakai buang akan mencemarkan air dan menyebabkan penyakit apabila terkumpul dengan banyaknya di tempat longgokan sampah.

Lampin pakai buang menggunakan banyak bahan mentah bagi menghasilkannya, termasuk pokok yang menghasilkan kertas, serta bahan kimia bagi menghasilkan plastik.

Lampin Kain ternyata lebih mesra alam.


Wang adalah faktor penting yang perlu diambilkira semasa memilih sistem bagi menggunakan lampin kain. Penggunaan lampin pakai buang merupakan kos berterusan dan sangat mahal apabila dicongak balik, lebih-lebih lagi bagi keluarga yang mempunyai lebih dari seorang anak kecil yang memakai lampin.

Penjimatan kos dengan menggunakan lampin kain dapat dilihat dalam perbandingan di bawah:


Anak anda menggunakan 7 lampin pakai-buang sehari pada kos RM0.60 setiap satu

RM0.60 X 7=RM4.20 sehari

RM4.20 X 365 hari=RM1533 setahun

RM1533 X 3 = RM4599 untuk 3 tahun


Jika menggunakan lampin kain:

Untuk kemudahan anda, anda perlu menggunakan sekurang-kurangnya 12 helai, jika anda ingin mencucinya setiap hari:


Sehelai lampin : RM30

Insert (Lapisan Dalam): RM10

Jumlahnya: RM40

Beli 12 helai: 12 X RM 40 =RM480

Beli 24 helai: 24 X RM40 =RM960 (lebih banyak lampin, lebih tahan lama kerana lambat lusuh)




  • Bayi akan cepat tahu beza basah dan kering
Bayi yang menggunakan lampin kain juga akan lebih cepat 'menyedari' perbezaan antara basah dan kering. Menurut satu artikel di dalam Wall Street Journal, bayi yang memakai lampin pakai buang memakai lampin sehingga umur 36 hingga 42 bulan. Bagi bayi yang memakai lampin kain, masanya lebih singkat, iaitu sehingga setahun lebih awal.

Kita sendiri tidak sudi memakai baju dan seluar dari kertas, walaupun untuk sekejap. Jadi, kenapa biarkan bayi kesayangan anda memakai lampin dari kertas dan plastik.. Pilihlah yang selesa, iaitu kain yang lembut untuk bayi anda.

Lampin kain zaman moden ini juga ternyata lebih cantik dipandang kerana ia datang dalam pelbagai warna dan corak..

Artikel yang disalin : diambil dari dan

Bagaimana menyediakan lampin kain baru sebelum sedia dipakai.

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Sila cuci dahulu sebarang lampin kain sebelum mula digunakan kali pertama. Cuci lampin yang baru dibeli menggunakan air panas atau sejuk. Gunakan hanya setengah dari jumlah sabun pencuci yang disarankan (oleh pengilang sabun/ mesin basuh) .

Bagi insert mikrofiber, ia boleh dicuci menggunakan air panas atau sejuk dengan menggunakan setengah sukatan pencuci yang disarankan.

Perlu diingat, jangan gunakan sebarang jenama Pelembut Fabrik kerana ia akan menyebabkan lampin kain serta insert anda kehilangan daya serapan. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, ia akan menjadi kalis air. Anda juga dilarang mencuci menggunakan Peluntur Klorin, kerana ia merosakkan fabric dan menyebabkannya reput.

Selepas membasuh, anda bolehlah mengeringkan lampin dan insert anda di penyidai atau menggunakan mesin pengering asalkan suhunya di bawah 50ยบ Celcius.

Cara menentukan sabun pencuci yang sesuai untuk lampin kain dan insert:

1) TIDAK mengandungi pelembut fabric

2) TIDAK mengandungi sebarang enzim

3) TIDAK mengandungi peluntur klorin

4) Kurang bahan pewangi

5) Senang dibilas. Kurang berbaki pada pakaian

Cara menyimpan lampin kotor sebelum cucian mesin

Menyimpan lampin dan insert kotor adalah mudah. Anda perlukan tong kecil (saiz seperti tong sampah yang mempunyai pedal kaki yang ditekan untuk membukan penutup), baldi yang mempunyai penutup, beg kalis air (wetbag), lapik baldi lampin (diaper pail liner) atau sebarang kombinasi yang anda sukai.

Caranya, buangkan najis yang ada pada lampin ke dalam mangkuk tandas. Ini boleh dilakukan dengan cara membilas lampin agar di tepi tandas. Ada kalanya, najis akan tanggal sendiri tanpa perlu dibilas. Bagi ibu-ibu yang menyusu badan anak mereka, najis lebih mudah ditanggalkan, tanpa perlu dibil;as bersih. Ini kerana semua kotoran bayi yang menyusu badan akan tanggal dengan mudah semasa lampin dibasuh dalam mesin basuh.

Artikel yang disalin : diambil dari dan

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Pre-Order Babyland Cloth Diaper

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Babyland Cloth Diaper.
Pre-order info:
  • 1 CD + 1 Inserts
  • Min 5 pcs = RM125 (RM25 each)
  • 10 pcs = RM240 (RM24 each)
  • 15 pcs = RM345 (RM23 each)
  • Available: Snap Button CD, Velcro CD and AIO CD (can mix)
  • Price doesn't include postage.
  • Please add postage fee RM6 for 5pcs,RM10 for 10pcs and RM15 for 15pccs.
  • COD in Kuala Lumpur and kawasan yang berdekatan.
  • Full payment must be made.
  • Serious buyer only.
Babyland printed cloth diaper is one cloth diaper with one microfiber insert. The inner is made from strong absorbent polyester material with breath ability, preventing skin suffers from diaper rash. The microfleece inner is very soft and comfortable for baby's skin. The insert is made from 3 layers 100% of microfiber cloth. The cloth diaper is all in one size which could fit weight from 3 kg to 13 kg (Size S to L). Waterproof of outer PUL prevent leakage. This product is washable, economic use of the baby green diapers.

Available new color: White